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About The Complete Salesperson Course

What is the Complete Salesperson Course?

Much more than a training course, The Complete Salesperson Course is a complete interactive learning experience and system aimed at propelling your real estate career to superstar status.

Over 2 interactive days, you are given all the very latest ideas, proven methods, tools, visuals, scripts and audio to:

  • Manage your time more effectively,
  • Win more business,
  • Gain more referrals, and
  • Take control of your business like never before.

Benefit from the course’s constantly updated consolidation of ideas and tried and tested methods used by real estate’s current national top performers.

Access to so many proven hints and trade secrets is simply unattainable any other way. Attending The Complete Salesperson Course is the next best thing to having all the current industry superstars as your very own professional mentors.

Who Should Attend?

If you are passionate about taking your real estate career to the next level, then The Complete Salesperson Course is for you. It is relevant to every level, from new starters to managers and business owners, including the following roles:

  • Sales agents – residential and commercial (including Listers, Buyers Agents, selling Principals and those operating in an Effective Business Unit)
  • Property Managers
  • Sales and Business Managers
  • Business owners
  • Administrative personnel (including Vendor Managers, PAs and reception staff)

If you work in real estate, you work in sales

Many people assume that The Complete Salesperson Course is aimed only at real estate salespeople due to the name of the course. But the fact of the matter is this – if you work in real estate, then you are a salesperson to some degree.

Time management, prospecting, winning business, client care and business planning are relevant to all real estate functions.

The Complete Salesperson Course removes the ‘walls’ between the various real estate professions. While the principal focus of the course remains on the traditional sales function, examples and scenarios easily translate to all functions. In addition, scenarios and anecdotes relating to other real estate roles are interspersed throughout.

Property Managers prospect, list, sell and communicate just as salespeople do; only they are targeting landlords and tenants rather than sellers and buyers. Similarly, those performing an administrative role look after clients every day and therefore play a key role in attracting new and repeat business to the agency. And everyone’s role is to cross sell the benefits of other functions within the team, which can only be achieved successfully through a thorough understanding of those other functions. It is no coincidence that agencies that cross train and cross sell perform better overall than agencies that operate with their ‘walls’ up.

Furthermore, The Complete Salesperson Course prepares you to take the next step in your career. After all, who doesn’t want to develop and progress in their career?

Inclusions and Deliverables

Following completion of the 2-day interactive workshop, you will return to the office motivated, inspired and armed with new skills and knowledge. You will also come away with a host of tools and reference material for learning consolidation and on-the-job implementation.

The Workbook

The Complete Salesperson Course Workbook has become a renowned part of the course in its own right.

Structured to align with the modules of the course and Real Estate Academy’s exclusive Find, List, Communicate and Sell Sales Process model, your Workbook will become your ‘bible’ for ongoing reference and memory jogging.

The Audio

Included as part of your investment in The Complete Salesperson Course, you are given 12 audio discs to take home with you. Each disc contains audio versions of the checklists for repetitive learning of each phase of the Sales Process cycle until it becomes second nature.

The Scripts and Dialogues

Role-play and perfect various buyer and seller scenarios with our take home scripts and dialogues.

Your Complete Prospecting System

You will go back to the office armed with templates for direct mail campaigns that deliver proven results and can be modified to suit your brand and specific target audience. Your prospecting system also includes:

  • Access to the best suburb reports in Australia,
  • Prospecting letter templates,
  • Winning scripts and dialogues for powerful prospecting, and
  • A 42-point checklist to help you build an effective staged prospecting program.

Real Estate Academy’s Signature Listing System

You will receive everything you need to perfect your own listing procedure and win more business:

  • A series of powerful listing presentation videos role-played by some of Australia’s top performing Listers.
  • The Complete Selling Plan - our signature listing presentation, which includes high quality visuals and a listing presentation agenda for you to adapt and make your own.
  • Post listing document and letter templates, such as Real Estate Academy’s renowned ‘Thank you for listing letter’.

Tools for Brilliant Buyer Management

Help turn every buyer into a potential future seller while achieving the best possible sales result for your vendor with the help of tools like:

  • Showtime (Open For Inspection) Checklists
  • A ‘Buyer type’ identification chart
  • Real Estate Academy’s signature Negotiation Process
  • Scripts and dialogues to help overcome buyer objections

Tools to Create an Outstanding Vendor Experience

Leave the course ready to make a real difference to every vendor experience with letter templates and follow-up routines that you, your PA or a dedicated Vendor Manager could readily implement on-the-job. Feel confident armed with our signature price adjustment system and process, ensuring you never have to dread raising the need for a price reduction again.

Business Management Tools

Also included as part of your investment in The Complete Salesperson Course are the tools that will help you master time management and gain control of your business:

  • A business plan, including a personal productivity process for superior time management,
  • Strategic action plans,
  • A systems chart, and
  • An implementation process based on the proven methods used by the industry’s top revenue earners.