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Reviews of The Complete Salesperson Course.

May I say Robyn...

This was my first time attending TCSPC. Absolutely incredible two day course with yourself and the team and of course, Lee.

You’ve made a tremendous impact on my outlook of the whole industry and it’s perceptions. I am absolutely thrilled to head back and implement many methods shown to us. Thank you for the web book link.

As a 25 year old in only her second year of Real Estate, I look forward to seeing you guys each and every year to continuously develop my own personal tools of our trade.


Tayla Brooks, Walkom Real Estate

Tayla Brooks

1: If the Real Estate profession of was a sport the "Complete Salesperson Course" would be a banned substance!

2: During a recent sales campaign I utilised skills I learned from the Complete Salesperson Course and achieved for my vendor an extra $650,000 above the nearest competitor appraisal.

So from myself and my vendors thanks Lee, Cristian and the team for making a real and tangible difference. The extra sale price has allowed my vendors to retire in happiness.

3: I love the Complete Salesperson Course because it is a dynamic learning system. Every time I attend I learn new skills, Hone old ones and gain a clarity and focus around what I want to be and achieve.


Tim Caporn, Caporn Young

The Complete Salesperson Course is terrific. I have been to three thus far and it’s always filled with new and relevant information which we able to implement straight away. If I could attend another tomorrow I’m sure I would learn something new then also.Enter your description here

Nathan Haynes, Harcourts Dapto

I first attended the Complete Salesperson course 10 years ago which became a defining moment of my career.

I had heard much about Lee’s dedication and focus to in depth systems, training and words.

After attending the course I was able to immediately implement the context of the workbook, his unusual scripts and concepts that allowed me to go on a build my own system.

I’ve worked with Lee every year since and find him an inspirational trainer who has the lounge room knowledge and Technical skills to keep improving my business and the real estate industry.

Mat Steinwede

Mat Steinwede

Just a short note to say it was great to catch up with yourself & Lee after not seeing you guys for a few years.

LOVED the course and had dinner/drinks with one of my team members who attended & we created one of Lees beloved 10 point implementation plan from things we learnt.
Watch out, big year ahead!

Keep well & look fwd to seeing you guys in a training room sometime again soon.

Rob Sheahan, Fletchers

Rob Sheahan

What an empowering two days. Having attended a number of your seminars over the years this one has topped it, your delivery was brilliant and engaging, also multi levelled touching on all aspects of the real estate business. Over the past years having attended more training courses, seminars and workshops than I could count on both hands, the energy and shear quality (not to mention generosity) of the information at the Complete Sales Person Course was inspiring and simply excellent.

I'm excited about working together with Real Estate Academy again as I can rest assured all of our staff who attend can work towards a structured and proven model that will achieve results.

Ps. Loving the new tabs on the booklet.

Billy Dounis, Business Manager, Changing Places

testimonial of the complete salesperson course

I have just completed my second complete salesperson course in Melbourne.
This is my second one in 7 months and after having been out of the realestate industry for over 5 years.

I really understood that if I was going to get it right that education
and networking ( talking to other agents ) would help me out in a
competitive market in Canberra.

I can honestly say that the quantity and quality of the material you
produce and deliver is exceptional. I am beginning to understand what is fully required to be a top performer and real estate pro in the industry.

I have enjoyed and taken lots of different points from each course that are relevant to where I am at at this point in time and with that , I really feel I am making ground in getting my foundation right for the future which was one of my main goals when I started.

I like that saying where another guy said that he had -burnt the boats- I have done the same thing and am just throwing myself into it and already getting traction which is very rewarding.

I congratulate you and thank you for your helping me achieve my goals.

Anthony McCormack, Cream Residential

testimonial of the complete salesperson course

Lee currently has 3 of the crew from Rayner First National doing the complete salesman course in Melbourne. If he needs a testimonial all 3 have texted me over the last 24 hours about how good the course is.

The last text from Meloine was "Thanks Marcus, this is an awesome course! Really enjoying it and the possibilities the future holds!"

Cheers Marcus

Marcus Rayner, Rayner Real Estate

Marcus Rayner

You are the best!
Thank you so much and my best wishes to Lee for an outstanding display of leadership!
He inspires all of us to formulate world class dialogues and attitude!
Lee is a really great inspiration.

Louis van Gelder, Forsyth

Please accept my sincere thanks and congratulations for an outstanding conference. The combination of unique content and organised structure coupled with a motivational and professional presentation has not only inspired my sales team but created a number of new (positive) challenges for us over the next 12 months.

On a very positive note, the team has already been able to put some of the Words and Concepts into practice (within 16 hours of arriving home) and have secured two new listings and successfully negotiated a difficult high-end sale.

Please pass my thanks onto Lee, David and Christian along with all the others that helped make the event so successful.

Doug Jones, Principal, George Brand Real Estate Terrigal

testimonial of the complete salesperson course

Thank you for another exciting 2 day complete salesperson course as always I got a lot out of it that will help further improve my business.
A few things I wanted to mention in particular is that the complete working plan & business framework plan is a game changer for me as I have every aspect of what I do clearly written down in each column so whatever it is that I am focusing on in prosecuting or winning the business etc. I don’t miss a thing or forget to do something and this bring another level of consistency to my work which I have been lacking for a while. The second thing is I’m looking forward to working the personal productivity program you have just released and I think it is an exciting piece of software.
By the way I did really appreciate the opportunity to be invited up on stage with you and I hope I didn’t let you down.
Have a great weekend Lee and look forward to all the upcoming training this year.

Mitch Soineva, Holgate

Just a quick note to thank you both for a wonderful 2 days.

I have been an agent at Gary Peer RE in Melbourne for 22 years and as a Director, I enrol in as many training courses as possible – both for my own personal development as well as my team’s growth.

I have conducted many training seminars myself and was I a speaker at AREC back in 2015. With all this, I can say that this was the best 2 days I have attended throughout my career.
So many trainers today are very theoretical, with much hype, yet with not so many ‘takeaways’. I found your course to be a relevant, complete and most importantly full of tangible takeaways easily implementable into one’s business.

I tend to measure the success of a training seminar by the number of pages of notes that I scribe – in your course, I almost ran out of paper!


Adam Joske, Gary Peer Real Estate

I first attended the Complete Salespersons course in 2002 and for me it was a career changing course. The information I received in those two days had proved to be the most valuable in my real estate career. 

I can honestly say the Complete Salesperson course completely changed my life. I have since attended the course numerous times and I still continue to learn something new each time.

Phil Harris, Phil Harris Real Estate

Phil Harris

Having been fortunate enough to witness dozens of real estate trainers across three continents, I regard Lee Woodward as being amongst the very best. Although there are many real estate trainers to choose from, for me there was only one choice when selecting our professional development partner. Lee’s content and delivery is both relevant and engaging, but most importantly tailored for our individual needs

Douglas Driscoll, CEO Starr Partners

Douglas Driscoll

Each time I come away with initiatives to implement and review and a higher benchmark to aspire to. I learn so much each and every time I attend. I have also found that other participants are very generous and share many of their experiences, so we learn from some of the real leaders in our industry, as well as from you. Complete Salesperson Training was definitely a turning point in my career and has helped me achieve so much more.

Thank you Lee – you are a an inspiration.

Julie Ormston, Director, One Agency

Julie Ormston

Every time I participate in Lee Woodward’s Complete Salesperson Course I get another key learning which improves my business. As there is so much great content covered over the 2 days I have completed 5 separate events all over the country. This latest course has given me a “listing weapon” which I am currently implementing but I’m not going to tell you what it is…you will have to go and find out for yourself!

Helen Huntly-Barratt

Helen Huntly-Barratt

Thanks for your assistance in kick starting my career.

I have now completed two Complete Salesperson Courses and will be back for my third this year, its something I always look forward to.I have already implemented many learning’s from the Course and continue to look for new ways to refine what I do and how I go about it.

Darren Leslie, Wellington & Reeves

Darren Leslie

Love your work. Thank you.
I really enjoyed my 4th or 5th Complete Salesperson Course.
I got even more out of it that last time.
Great to see so many additions and tweeks.

Phil Black

Phil Black

I was at a stage in my career where I was feeling jaded and everything was getting on top of me.
Lee has given me some excellent strategies for “moving forward” from here. I feel a real shift in my motivation. I will be sending all my sales team through the course and look forward to my next opportunity to experience the Training Academy!

Thank you once again!

Laurie Eddy, First National Real Estate Latrobe

Laurie Eddy

Hi Robyn, Lee and Christian

I just wanted to say thank you for the last 2 days I have been in real estate since 1988 and with all my success and all my not so successes I finally feel like I am in the game, Thank you.

I am looking forward to growing further with you.

Raymond Kuceli, Reset Education

Raymond Kuceli

The course was great and have sold 2 homes, and about to sell another this week since the course and have listed one and about to list another 2 this week so i think i can safely say that the course has paid for itself.

Bill Joycey, Two Bays Real Estate

Bill Joycey

Having attended the Complete Salespersons Course multiple times, I think it is around 10 times as of now, in multiple locations around Australia, I can honestly say it is the best training that I do each year. The simplification of the sales model into Find, List, Communicate and Sell makes it easy to focus on a specific activity that I need improving on (Communicate) and the sharing of ideas amongst like minded people from across Australia is incredible.

I whole heartedly endorse the Complete Salespersons Course and recommend you not only do your local one, but travel to another city (or Bali) to expand your experiences.

Brett Andreassen, Doug Disher Real Estate

Brett Andreassen

I’ve been fortunate enough to have seen some wonderful trainer’s in my 20 years in real estate, Lee’s not only a wonderful trainer he’s a thirst & desire to deliver a system that can be implemented easily gets better each year.

The real estate academy has been our training partner for 8 years now , whether it be personal coaching, group seminar or software , your whole sales process is covered.

I know if you attend with an open mind & are willing to do what you’ve learnt, results will follow….

Steve Grimbas

Steve Grimbas

From the first day I could not stop writing my brain was exploding with ideas and it was so great to mix with like minds, fresh ideas. I knew from that moment on I could really do Real estate at a professional level and I knew then that I could do it well. It gave me systems to prospect rather than a shot gun spaying myself around on things that where ineffective, how to negotiate and knowing that it had all been done before.

I came away being certain I could be a good agent and really help sellers and buyers make wise property decisions, that was very important to me.

Diana Cussen, Barfoot and Thompson

Diana Cussen

Many of our experienced agents have attended the course 3 or 4 times, its content is so relevant. I have found this course covers all the aspects sales people need to consider to effectively run a professional career in real estate. Those that adopt its guidelines fully and with energy, seem to go to achieve excellent sales results often growing their team as a business within a business.

I find there is no other course offering the same level of practical instruction, in my mind it’s a must do for anybody serious about a career in the real estate sector.

Dan Neylan, Director, Dowling and Neylan

Dan Neylan

Thank you to the team at Real Estate Academy, I would highly recommend the complete sales person course to anyone looking to be a professional in real estate.

Lee’s training and coaching is no.1 by far as he uses live examples that covers all aspects throughout the course and allows you to take away everything you need to move forward in your career.

I will be attending the complete sales person course a number of times more, as every time it allows you to progress closer to your goals.

David Mirabella, Principal, Mirabella Property

David Mirabella

Real, relevant and up to date. The complete sales person course covers all aspects of Real Estate and is so beneficial that most people attend more than once. Great for Listing Agents, Buyers Managers and Vendor Managers. Something all my staff attend every year.

Nathan Casserly, Auctioneer, Ouwens Casserly Real Estate

Nathan Casserly

Right from the start, the complete salesperson impressed me with their efficient, professional manner and approach.

For me the major thing I got out of the course was being made aware that there is a definite process in selling real estate, and the process must incorporate well planned steps and structures which you must constantly update.

Wayne Haase, Smart Real Estate

Brad Scott

A LIFE CHANGING MOMENT…. Receiving a fax promoting The Complete Salespersons Course in Dubbo was defining moment in my career, before then I worked hard and long hours in chaos, it was just the way it had always been done in the family office.

Then 2 days with Lee changed not just changed my life but our entire family’s life, with systems and strategies picked up in those 2 days our family business was able to go about work in a more efficient manner.

If you are looking for that light bulb moment in your career then look no further, Lee is your man!

Adam and Chandelle Woods, Professionals Mudgee

Adam Chandelle

It is by far the most relevant and comprehensive training program available to Real Estates agents in Australia.

I have been in Real Estate for 13 years and i always pick up new and valuable information each time i attend. I have been to many training seminars and courses over the years, but your Complete Salespersons Course provides the most up to the minute, cutting edge strategies and systems being used by Australia's top preformers.

Peter Foote, Brisbane Real Estate

Peter Foote

Thank you Lee, Robyn and the team at real estate academy. I have attended the complete salesperson course 3 times now and without a doubt this is the best complete course around, providing a complete blueprint on all aspects of selling real estate allowing me to simply focus on the job at hand and maximise my selling career! I owe you all a huge Thank you !

Richard Carter

Richard Carter

Before joining RE/MAX my boss sent me to the CSC in Sydney and I came away after the first break shaking with excitement.

Having “run” 3 offices for a couple of years , I realised I had no idea of what it meant to be a professional agent. Lee and his team deliver by far the most congruent, focused training that if followed through and this is the kicker, you must follow through - you but can only succeed. The alumni are some of the finest in Australia and NZ and you are literally rubbing shoulders with million dollar plus performers.

Hamid Hassen, RE/MAX

Hamid Hassen

I have attended The Complete Salesperson course five times. I find it by far the best real estate training I have ever participated in, there are always new exciting and ways to develop your skills and marketing as a real estate professional.

The main thing I get out of the course is a renewed energy to better myself.

Lucas Harwood, Highlang Property Agents

Lucas Harwood

We walk away after the 2 day seminar with 2 to 3 pages of actions to implement, however we find majority of the time that implementing 3 to 4 key actions increases our business significantly. Without the Complete Sales Person course, our business wouldn’t be where it is today and it has simply made our team more profitable in an ever changing market and uncertain economic times.

Thanks to Lee and the team at Real Estate Academy

Chris Janzon, Brock Harcourts

Chris Janzon

I want to thank Lee for the complete salesperson course, I have attained the training for three years in a row. The last couple of years I have brought my team along. So much great content and so much to learn.

I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious about real estate and want to fast track their business. I wish I had heard about Lee and this training academy 10 years ago. Thank you very Lee for having such a huge impact in my business.

Creagh Ferdinands, Harcourts Alliance

Creagh Ferdinands

Please pass on my regards to Lee and Robyn.

It was a really great course and I look forward to putting it all into action.

Matt Seabrook, Stuart Weston

testimonial of the complete salesperson course

I first went to the Complete Sale Course when I had only been in the industry for a couple of years and it gave me a huge insight into where the industry can take me. In particular the check lists that Lee uses to make sure we have a rounded business and not just focussed in one or two areas. As the years have gone by, I have attended the course four times and have been a keen supporter of the Super Coach courses which are a direct progression. I doubt that I would be still in the industry without the information and guidance that these courses provide.

Richard Bailey, Bushby Property Group

Richard Bailey

I would like to thank Lee and the team at REA for another fantastic two days at the Melbourne Complete Salesperson course. It was the third course that I have attended over the last few years, as well as attending The Complete Leaders course last year.

The information gained at these courses is of immeasurable benefit to those who attend, and whilst the message is similar, I am forever grateful for the way Lee offers updated details that are appropriate for our current ever changing market.

Craig Sly, Raine and Horne Eastern Shore

Craig Sly

The core structure is still the same but Lee has done an outstanding job with evolving the course to keep it up speed within this highly competitive industry.

The structure, logic and delivery I think is unmatched. My staff also agree. That’s why I have been back time after time. (Not sure how many times…5 or 6 times over the years).

It’s the #1 A to Z course on operating as a Real Estate salesperson today!

Scott Bailey, First National Real Estate

Scott Bailey

I believe it is the best real estate course in Australia.

It shows you what you need to do to succeed in real estate & then you make the choice on whether you are committed to your career & its success.

Lee Woodward is the consummate wordsmith who is the greatest teacher or coach I have ever been fortunate enough to learn from.

Tim Stern, LJ Levi

Tim Stern

Lee Woodward presents his courses in a clear and easy to follow fashion with enough support material to make the way forward simple to implement.

Lee’s team is also very supportive and always make themselves available to us when we need them.

Ardi Melikian, Elders Collaroy

Ardi Melikian

Having attended the Complete Sales Person 4 times now I am always able to take away something new I can implement into my day to day business.

It's always evolving.

Mark Millington, Principal, Lakeshores First National

Mark Millington

I really enjoyed the structure of the course and the checklist used as a reference for action implementation. Anyone could follow the winning formula this course delivers, you just have to implement the procedures and action them.

Without any shadow of doubt, it’s the best and most up to date Real Estate sales course available today.

Wayne Wheeler, Wayne Wheeler Real Estate

testimonial of the complete salesperson course

Lee is a coach for all agents at every stage of their career. He uses a proven method and model which can be replicated and measured. He has walked the walk and continues to talk the talk which keeps me on track to achieve my business goals. His new ideas and initiatives are at the forefront of the industry which empower us agents to keep a step ahead of the competition.

Jed Wood, Sanders Property Agents

Jed Wood

The Complete Salesperson Course is exactly that – THE COMPLETE SALESPERSON COURSE.

Having only recently started my career as a real estate agent I found myself floundering in my day to day operation as an agent. This course gave me a complete plan, structure and systems to put into practice for my real estate career. I continue to attend the course each time it is in my state as I always learn something new each time.

Lee Sutherland, RE/MAX Property Sales

Lee Sutherland

I have been to the Complete Salesperson Course five times now, which I find is a great refocus on getting the basic right, yet the course is always changing and stays on top of the latest innovations.

It’s one of the few courses that will appeal to all agents on any level.

Ron Coleman, Principal, Coleman Estate Agents

Ron Coleman

“Professionalism at its highest standard” 

I would recommend “THE COMPLETE SALESPERSONS” course to anyone just starting in the industry.  We have utilised many of the services the real estate academy has to offer. In my opinion it is the complete package from the training courses to the software that can be used but not pushed on you at any stage. I continue to use these services as required with great leadership by Lee Woodward.

Jon Brady, Director, LJ Hooker Fremantle

Jon Brady

This year was the second time I have attended the Complete Salespersons Course and every time I get something new out of it. It is certainly two very worthwhile days for anyone in sales.

After doing the course, I now have had 4 sales in 5 weeks by using the scripts & dialogues given by Lee during the course.

Thanks and next year I want to bring my assistant too!

Tracey Ashley, RE/MAX

Tracey Ashley

The CSPC in Bali was the biggest game changer for me. It was there that I was away from the distractions of the office, in another country, and was able to have the down time to focus on what my business needed implemented to move to the next level.

Now that I have upgraded to the gold membership, I have been able to bring my support staff to the workshops with me as well, so they are getting trained and understand the systems I am working from, to create a seamless team environment. Being able to attend workshops around the country as part of my membership, I get exposure to different agents in different markets which bullet proofs my business irrespective of what our market does.

Mark McGill, Amber Werchon

Mark McGill

In the past 3years I have attended approximately 12 Workshops/Seminars delivered by Lee Woodward and the professional team at the Real Estate Academy, including the Complete Sales Person Course 4 Times.

After attending different types and styles of training it easy to say I have never experienced such clean, clear and useful information that really counts in Real Estate. I have never been surrounded by so many top performers that remain loyal to this training and continue to operate under the winning system taught in the Complete Sales Person Course.

Stefon Bertram, Starr Partners Real Estate

Stefon Bertram

I've attended the Complete Sales person course so many times that I have actually forgotten the exact amount.

Having attended a lot of courses and seminars over the years there is no doubt that the Complete Salesperson Course is the best course available in Australia. It has been a big part of my career and it will be one of the best investments in your career and future if you are serious about it. I can't recommend the course highly enough.

Danny Grant, Ray White

Danny Grant

Lee's Training, knowledge,experience and systems were introduced to me 12 years ago now and have been a significant reason why I am still in the industry. I have been to the complete sale person course 4 times and have been to many of his other training days and will continue too because without complete clarity which I get from Lee's training, this business of real estate would become very cloudy in a moment.

Thank you Lee for keeping the path clear.

Grant Matterson, LJ Hooker Narrabeen

Grant Matterson

I have attended the Complete Salesperson Course four times so far and each time i pick up something new. The main things that I have learnt is that there is no secret you need to be hungry to succeed, have structure, work hard and effectively, have a prospecting plan, stick to your ideal day (call from 8-12), be consistent, and continually rehearse your scripts and dialogues and listing presentation. Practice makes professionals. There are no short cuts.

James Dunn, Richardson and Wrench Double Bay

James Dunn

Thank you for putting on a great event. The information provided is first class and best of all it is based on current conditions in the property market.

It was the second Complete Salesperson course I have attended and will certainly return next year.

This course is a must for any true professional salesperson seeking a long term and profitable career.

Sam Abboud, Woodards

Sam Abboud

I would rate the Complete Salesperson Course 10 out of 10 and would highly recommend the training to all agents in the real estate industry.

I’ve been attending the course every year since 2007, and the results from this training are amazing.

Anyone who takes their real estate career seriously and are hungry to take their sales to the next level, they cannot afford to miss this training opportunity.

Sabrina Minic, Director, Minic Property Group

Sabrina Minic

The complete salesperson course is foundational learning. The strategies and disciplines taught are used by the most successful salespeople and principals in the industry. In fact those ideas were derived from Lee talking to the best performers, distilling the essential behaviours and creating easy to follow guides that are ‘How to’ focused.

Stephen Jackson

testimonial of the complete salesperson course

As you know, Carla & I are big fans of the REA’s flagship Complete Sales Persons Course.

The Complete Sales Persons Course has opened our minds and enabled us to stay on the top of our game with the continuous professional development & training, how to be better orgainised with the helpful tips and useful tool provide and to focus on fewer properties for better results.

Craig Fisher, One Agency, The Entrance Bateau Bay

Craig Fisher

I found this is the best training I have ever attend.

There is no training for new sales person after they get their license except this one. And it is also a great way for experienced agents to refresh themselves and adjust their directions after working like machine.

Ming Xu, Ray White

Ming Xu

I attended the Complete Sale Persons course recently and it has had profound impact on the way we have restructured our sales division.

Through this course as well as ongoing support from the team at the Real Estate Academy, we’ve since identified our service area and are now on our way to doing some great things.

Angelo Mena, Alexa Property Group

Angelo Mena

I have found the Complete Salesperson Course an absolute “career changer”! As well as being motivating, it’s great to be in touch with the latest industry ideas. My figures have literally doubled since I began implementing the systems in this course. I’ve only attended twice so far, but it’s become a regular part of my training calendar.

Anthony Birt, Global Property International

Anthony Birt

The course along with Lee’s delivery gives me true structure and direction for my career. I have achieved so much in such a short time with the tools I have used from attending the course. I would hate to think where I would be now if I had not made the initial decision to take a chance and attend the course.

I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to get serious about their career and take it to the next level or if you feel like you're treading water and not achieving the traction you desire.

Jason Partridge, Real Property

Jason Partridge

I began in Real Estate in 1996 in the typical way of "here's a desk and a phone so now get on with it." For years I followed what everyone else did, not knowing that they were on the wrong road.The Complete Salesperson Course has given a very well researched structure for me that has been put together by someone who has been there and actually done it with passion at a very high level.

Robert Davies, Barfoot and Thompson

Robert Davies

The knowledge that I gain each time from attending this course is invaluable. The course is continually changing and the team at the Real Estate Academy continually adapt the course to keep it fresh and exciting and I believe I learn more and more each time I attend.

I now train other new team members in our office and their first stop is the Complete Salespersons course. I believe it is the one key component they need to be successful in the Real Estate Industry. I have just collected my 15th Award in my short 5 years and I honestly believe if it wasn’t for all the procedures, scripts and dialogues and skills I have learnt from this course I wouldn’t be as successful as what I am today. I will continue to attend this course and will continue to train with the Real Estate Academy it is the saviour in my Real Estate Career!

Natalie Aulich, Raine and Horne

Natalie Aulich

The Complete Salesperson Course has given me the skills, tools, structure and ideas to fast track my real estate career. I have currently attended over 6 courses and continue to gain valuable skills that allow me to improve in prospecting, listing, vendor communication and buyer management. Not only educational, the Course is also highly motivational and the breathe of fresh air anyone needs who feels they have wondered off the path.

Thank you Lee & the Real Estate Academy Team for all your help and support so far. I am booked in to attend the next one already!!!!

Mark Madden, Burke and Smyth

Mark Madden

After joining the industry only a year ago with no prior experience I was at a loss until I met up with indeflatable Lee Woodward. The courses I have attended are structured but not rigid and extremely interactive.

I am learning to embrace a very challenging environment with the steps Lee has developed over his many years and considerable experience. I have learned to ‘chip and chase’ and to date have sold in excess of $20m with his clear direction. I would be remiss not to mention that Lee Woodward gives and maintains the integrity of an industry so easily criticised. I appreciate the support of Lee, Cristian and Robyn and look forward to many years of quality advice and support.

Ann Ramsay-Arkins, Di Jones Real Estate

Ann Ramsay-Arkins

"The Complete Salesperson Course" was instrumental in the successful adoption of the EBU model in my business and has continued to provide the necessary tools for my team over the years. The mapping process is a great way of assessing our competency and has been adopted as the minimum performance standards in our office.

David Lack

David Lack

I have attended the Complete Salesperson Course annually for the past four years. As an agent starting out the course provided an excellent framework for me to base my career upon. The breaking down of the 4 key elements of find, list, communicate & sell makes the system easy to learn & put into practice. The course is constantly evolving as the market changes, or as the Real Estate Academy comes up with new ideas, which is exactly why I have just enrolled to attend the course for a fifth time. Attending the course on a regular basis has helped keep me focused, on track & 1 step ahead of the competition.

Danny Fox, Sanders Property Agents

Danny Fox

I have attended 3 courses with Lee and am struck by the effective advice that is able to immediately able to be put into practice.
Having attended more sales training sessions with a variety of trainers than I care to recall, I can say that this is easily the best, most comprehensive real estate sales training course around.
Other words that I’d use to describe the Complete Salesperson Course and the REA team – “Ethical & Supportive”.
However don’t just take one course, join the program – its well worth the investment.

Michael Gill, McGrath Estate Agents

Michael Gill

It is a great opportunity for we busy salespeople to step out of our busy lives and take the time we need to invest to remember the basics, learn new methods and gain the tools that make all the difference. The surprising bonus of the course is the mix of people who attend and that you get to meet during the two days and the interaction of the training room - nothing like a live role play in front of 100 people! its great to see how the professionals handle themselves.

I always leave the course feeling grounded and confident that I am armed to go back into the trenches.

Tracy Stein

Tracy Stein

I have recently attended one of Lee Woodward’s Complete Sales Person’s courses and cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone in the industry looking to take themselves to another level. Through the 2 days Lee presented a lot of game changing ideas and models that can be implemented into my business over a period of time. His style of presenting was paced perfectly giving The group a chance to contribute and all the material was captured and given to use to keep for future reference.

Mitch Semple, Century 21

testimonial of the complete salesperson course

The Complete sale person course was the first course that made a significant holistic change to the way I worked in real estate. It opened my eyes to the many facets of how to be a great real estate agent and on completion of the course the first time I did it, gave me a road map to bettering each of those facets. Lee Woodward is a great speaker with a world of knowledge and his hi energy , factual and fun approach to the real estate game makes it easy to digest the wealth of information that he delivers.

The complete sales person course has not only given me the tools to work well in real estate and achieve nearly every goal that I have set for myself, it has also helped me develop relationships with great real estate agents all around the country.
I have attended the course over a half a dozen times and had the privilege of being invited to be a guest speaker at 2 of the courses as well.

If you are just starting out in real estate or are have been doing it for years and want to lift yourself to a new level. I could not recommend any course more highly than the complete sales persons course.

Peter Clements, W Porteous

Peter Clements

Please pass on my thanks to Lee for a fabulous two-day experience.
Having been an ardent attendee of seminars and training sessions, I would have to say that Lee’s presentation is the standout. I gained valuable knowledge that will place me in a ‘winning position’ now and in the future.

Vicki Montague

Vicki Montague